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A Senior’s Packing List for Retirement Home

A Senior’s Packing List for Retirement Home

Now that the family has decided the best option, getting into action is the next step.

Settling into a senior care center in Mount Vernon, New York, requires preparation. Just like any other trip or moving out, the packing process is often the most challenging stage. This is not just about the physical movement of items. The objects and properties we own hold many memories.

Minnie Mae Social Adult Day Center LLC understands what it takes to provide a comfortable living experience. As your chosen social adult day center, we support you in every step of the transition process – especially in the preparation. Here are some packing items for the big move!

  • Clothing – dresses/shirts, sweaters, pajamas or sleeping gowns, pants, coats, robes, underwear, scarf, socks, slippers, and shoes
  • Personal care items – toothbrush, deodorant, body lotion, powder, shampoo, hairpins and roller, brush and comb, cosmetics, shaving equipment, and small standing cosmetic mirror
  • Leisure and entertainment – family keepsakes, photos, cards, letters, and other memorable items

Just remember that you do not need to pack everything in one trip. You will surely need to pack out the essentials for their comfortable experience in the adult day center in New York. But remember that you can always come and make as many necessary trips as needed.

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