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Adult Day Programs: What You Need to Know

Adult Day Programs: What You Need to Know

When your senior loved one can’t be safely alone on their own all day or if they feel lonely or secluded, a social adult day center in Mount Vernon might be a good solution. It offers adult day programs that allow seniors to connect and mingle with others while getting the proper care they need. Even if your loved one has dementia, he or she might be able to enjoy mental stimulation games through board games, puzzles, and other senior recreational activities.

Adult day programs do not only provide various recreational and social activities, but it also prepares nutritious meals and snacks for seniors. The goal of these programs is to improve the quality of life of seniors as well as their caregivers. Adult day services typically provide:

  • Personal Care
  • Recreation and social activities
  • Nutrition
  • Health Services
  • Additional services include transportation and counseling for caregivers

Seniors who attend an adult day center in Mount Vernon, New York usually live by themselves or with their caregivers at home. The programs we offer will give seniors a chance to enjoy activities outside their homes and spend time with others. It will also give caregivers the much-needed break from the demands of caregiving, allowing them to regain their energy and focus.

Adult day programs will also help your loved ones live at home longer and delay their move to a long-term care facility.

Minnie Mae Social Adult Day Center LLC offers senior care center in New York to help seniors maintain an independent and productive daily life. The programs provided focus on happiness, respect, and comfort while maintaining adequate standards for clients. Our loving staff and clients embrace new members, and all are treated comfortably and fairly. Feel free to contact us for further details!

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