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Depression in Seniors Is Different

Depression in Seniors Is Different

Clinical depression among the elderly is a common issue that even nurses in our social adult day center in Mount Vernon can encounter it frequently. However, that doesn’t mean that this is normal. Minnie Mae Social Adult Day Center LLC is here to enlighten you, our beloved client, about this fact by sharing how depression affects seniors.

Depression affects about 6 million Americans around the ages of 65 and older, but only a measly 10% receive treatment as seniors tend to display the symptoms differently. Oftentimes, it is also confused as side-effects of illnesses or their medication. Not to worry though, the staff in our senior care center in New York will keep a close eye on your beloved elderly and alert you and their primary caregiver if we suspect that they are at risk of or might be suffering from depression.

Depression in the elderly is associated with a higher risk of developing cardiac diseases and a higher mortality rate from illnesses and other health complications. The risk of suicide is also increased, especially among elderly white men ages 80 to 84. So much so that the National Institute of Mental Health considers late-life depression as a major public health problem.

So many factors come into play here. From the death of a spouse or siblings, retirement, as well as new living situations. Feelings of loneliness and isolation can also lead to depression, and this is something that our adult day center in Mount Vernon, New York are striving to eliminate.

We try our best to allow our clients to participate in fun senior recreational activities that will help them form new bonds with other people around them, create new memories, maintain their connection to society, and strengthen their feelings of belongingness and thirst for life.

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