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Differences Between Sadness and Clinical Depression

Differences Between Sadness and Clinical Depression

Occasionally feeling sad doesn’t mean that you or your loved ones are going through clinical depression. Sadness is viewed as a normal emotion and an interesting part of life in an adult day center in Mount Vernon, New York. However, though depression often occurs in the elderly, it is not a normal part of aging. Depression can holistically bring a person down, but with sadness, it is where much art and poetry are inspired from.

Sadness can help us appreciate happiness, especially when it shifts toward that direction. However, if it goes further down, sadness can turn into depression, and may significantly impact your life from a two-week length or longer. It manifests in several challenges, such as difficulty concentrating, making decisions, change in appetite, sleeping patterns, communication, and even thoughts of suicide. Overall, it can change your daily lifestyle. These and more symptoms are quickly identified in a senior care center in New York.

However, if it’s a feeling of normal sadness, a social adult day center in Mount Vernon suggests that you allow yourself to be sad, even let yourself some time to wallow, take a walk, write or think about the context of sad feelings to better understand yourself, calling a close friend or family member, and be kind to yourself.

Sometimes, sadness is caused by life changes we may not control. Change is usually stressful, but it is necessary for growth. To cope up, you can also participate with the senior recreational activities conducted by Minnie Mae Social Adult Day Center LLC for you and your elderly loved ones.

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