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How Caregivers Help Protect Seniors Against COVID-19

How Caregivers Help Protect Seniors Against COVID-19

COVID-19 is still threatening the lives of many people, especially to senior individuals. Studies have shown that older adults are twice as likely as others to be infected by the virus due to their frail bodies. And because of the ongoing lockdown, caregivers in adult day center in Mount Vernon, New York, are dedicated to providing seniors with top-notch and around-the-clock care services to help them fight against the virus or any illnesses.

If you have already entrusted your elderly loved ones’ health to caregivers in social adult day center in Mount Vernon, you can rest assured that they will be provided with the right care and assistance while recovering from their current state. So, to save you from the unnecessary or extra worries, here are some ways how caregivers protect your senior loved ones against the coronavirus outbreak:

  • Maintaining a Healthy Routine
    Caregivers regularly monitor seniors’ daily activities to ensure they are following a healthy routine such as proper social distancing, frequent hand washing, covering of mouth when coughing, having a good eating habit, and taking medications on time.
  • Helping Seniors to Communicate with Loved Ones
    Apart from engaging in senior recreational activities to ensure optimum wellness, did you know that being mentally and emotionally stable can help build a strong immune system to fight against any illnesses? Since seniors are emotionally and mentally vulnerable, caregivers make sure they have constant and meaningful communication with their loved ones to ease their loneliness and boredom.

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