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How to Convince Your Loved One to Attend Adult Day Care

How to Convince Your Loved One to Attend Adult Day Care

If you believe that adult day care is a great fit for your senior parent, it might be time to bring up the topic with them. The most challenging part about this is convincing your loved one that a trip to an adult day center in New York is beneficial and worthwhile.

To help you with your discussion, here are several tips that we at Minnie Mae Social Adult Day Center LLC find quite effective.

  • Alter the Association
    Although the name “adult day care” was certainly not meant to be offensive, many seniors find it as such, as it implies a setting that will infantilize them. Instead of using “day care” maybe try to refer to the service as a club or a class and make sure to focus on elements, such as arts or music, that your senior might love.
  • Highlight the Benefits
    A social adult day center does fantastic techniques at alleviating symptoms of loneliness, boredom, and depression that many seniors feel, especially those who are living alone. To help your senior parent warm up to the idea, focus on telling them the exciting parts of the program and the benefits they may gain from participating in it.
  • Get Help
    Your senior’s doctor, as well as your senior care center in Mount Vernon, New York, can provide you with the necessary assistance to convince your loved one to attend adult day care. It’s possible that after your loved one hears other people’s suggestions and opinions, they might change their minds.

We hope this article helps you!
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