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Key Benefits of SNAP for Older Adults

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SNAP, otherwise known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, is one of the country’s largest nutrition programs that aims to help low-income individuals and families in improving food security and nutrition.

Seniors who are in an adult day center in Mount Vernon, New York should consider applying for SNAP. After all, there are several benefits the program can give. Here are the key benefits that are worth noting:

  • It can be used to get fresh produce.
    Fresh produce contains more nutritional benefits compared to preserved goods. They are healthier, too. Depending on where the senior lives in, they may be able to use SNAP to get fresh vegetables, fruits, and other organic goodies.
  • Eligibility renewal is a piece of cake.
    It is no longer necessary for an older adult to cancel any senior recreational activities they may have scheduled for the day just so they can go and renew their SNAP eligibility. Renewing SNAP eligibility can now be done over the phone—there is no need to personally visit the agency for renewal anymore!
  • Rolling over benefits is possible.
    For seniors in need of services like those of the social adult day center in Mount Vernon, SNAP provides seniors with lots of benefits both from the government and private institutions, which can be rolled over month to month.

Minnie Mae Social Adult Day Center LLC keeps our seniors educated about their benefits, especially from the government. Send us a message if you want to know more about our senior care center in New York.

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