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Mental Health: How to Help Seniors Fight Depression

Mental Health: How to Help Seniors Fight Depression

Did you know? Due to old age, elderly individuals are not only vulnerable physically but emotionally, as well. That means they can easily feel lonely and depressed when they don’t feel they are loved and cared for. Studies have shown that, regardless of age, depression is the number one killer. However, caregivers at Minnie Mae Social Adult Day Center LLC, an adult day center in Mount Vernon, New York, are dedicated to making sure that seniors can achieve and live the quality of life they deserve.

If you notice that your elderly loved ones lose interest in things, struggle with feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, or even find it hard to get through the day, then they are experiencing depression. Seeking professional help is necessary to ensure they can recover from this problem. Here’s how you can help them fight depression:

  • Show Them They Are Loved.

    You don’t have to make a grand gesture just to show your elderly loved ones how much you care for them. Even a simple way of thanking them and being there with them whenever they need you can give them an assurance that they are still loved and needed.

  • Keep Them Physically Active.

    Did you know? By maintaining an active lifestyle, it can produce a healthy response to your body, mind, and emotions. Social adult day center in Mount Vernon offers various senior recreational activities where elderly individuals can have fun while boosting their self-esteem and confidence in ones’ self.

Help your loved ones fight depression by enrolling them in a senior care center in New York now. Call us for inquiries.

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