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Recreational Programs: Achieve an Active Social Life

Recreational Programs: Achieve an Active Social Life

Aging doesn’t necessarily mean that you have become physically and socially weak. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, you also have to get up on your feet and achieve a healthy social life. Here in Minnie Mae Social Adult Day Center LLC, we offer a stimulating social community that allows you to engage in different recreational activities. Our adult day center in New York is what you need if you want to experience fun and beneficial activities.

You might be curious about our Senior Care Center in Mount Vernon, New York, and what social and recreational activities we provide, so here are some of it.

  • Meditation
    One major benefit of meditation is that it slows the aging process because it reduces stress. Our meditation programs can give you peace of mind and a relaxed body after the session.
  • Socialization
    Reduce your risk of depression caused by isolation and loneliness by joining our various activities. You get to socialize with peers, helping you boost your independence and self-esteem.
  • Music
    Jam along with other seniors as you dance and sing your hearts out during our music sessions. You will surely be relaxed and at ease whenever you listen to music.

You can do the things you used to do and explore the things you still want to do even at your age. Our Social Adult Day Center offers you quality and life-satisfying services that will give you the life you deserve. Avail of the services we provide by calling us at 914-292-1064 or visit to learn more.

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