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The Three Types of Adult Day Care

The Three Types of Adult Day Care
Caring for an elderly loved one by yourself is really hard if you don’t have anyone to help you. The demands that come with looking after a senior will eventually take its toll on your mental, emotional, and physical health. An adult day center in Mount Vernon, New York will help solve all of your caregiving problems.
With the help of experts, your elderly will receive the care they need while you tend to your other responsibilities such as work or a lunch date with your friends. Choosing a senior care center in New York shouldn’t be done at random. You must take your elderly’s needs and health condition before making final decisions.
There are three types of adult daycare:

  1. One is Social Day Care.
    The activities that a social adult day center in Mount Vernon will be focused on creating a fun and supportive community for the elderly.
    Here you senior will engage in fun arts and crafts activities, birthday parties, holiday celebrations, and other senior recreational activities.
    Minnie Mae Social Adult Day Center LLC offers such programs.
  2. The second type is the Adult Day Health Care (ADHC).
    This type of daycare provides medical services and physical, occupational, and speech therapy to seniors who need it. Here, adults who are experiencing physical, mental or social problems caused by stroke, isolation, and other conditions are able to meet, interact, and participate in fun activities with new people.
  3. The last type is Alzheimer’s and Dementia Day Care.
    These centers provide social and health services specifically for patients with cognitive challenges. Activities that are appropriate to the patient’s functional abilities are provided by staff who have specialized training in dementia care.
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