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Why You Should Encourage Seniors to Play Card Games

Why You Should Encourage Seniors to Play Card Games

For older adults, it’s important that they are introduced to various fun games and recreational activities that will not only entertain them, but improve their mood and overall well-being too. One of the activities that can be introduced to seniors at a senior care center in Mount Vernon, New York is card games.

Why should seniors play card games, anyway? Here are some of the top reasons why older adults should learn how to play cards:

  • Fights depression
    Card games are typically played in groups or at least with one other person. With card games being a social activity that encourages social interaction, conversation, friendship, and even slight rivalry, it can help fight off the feeling of isolation, which then prevents depression.
  • Improves cognition and memory
    Typically, for one to play card games, memorization is an important skill. Since adults exercise their memorization skills as they play, this means that they are exercising their brain muscles and are keeping their memory sharp.
  • Reduces stress
    Seniors who are at a social adult day center can bring their focus away from potentially stressful thoughts when they play card games with everyone. It’s a relaxing way for them to enjoy their time with their friends and away from stress triggers.

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